RNC 2016: Melania Trump to speak at convention tonight

Melania and Donald Trump at a Mar-a-Lago party. (Post file photo)
Melania and Donald Trump at a Mar-a-Lago party. (Post file photo)

Melania Trump will try to repair her husband’s basement-dwelling ratings with women tonight while also talking about her own immigrant experience, say RNC organizers.

As tonight’s convention headliner, Melania will likely try to bolster her husband’s claims that women love him despite polls that show Hillary Clinton has the lead among women voters 52 to 37 percent.

As she has in the past, Melania is likely to emphasize that when she immigrated from Slovakia in 1996 to future her modeling career, she played by the rules before becoming an American citizen in 2006.

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You won’t believe these 10 crazy facts about secret life of your pets

A scene from "The Secret Life of Pets." (Illumination Entertainment/Universal Pictures)
A scene from “The Secret Life of Pets.” (Illumination Entertainment/Universal Pictures)

“The Secret Life of Pets” is out to somewhat mixed reviews. It might make pet owners and non-pet owners wonder about animals and their behaviors.

Here are some not-so-secret, but still interesting, facts about the lives of pets:

1. Dogs tilt their heads when something catches their interest and they want to hear it well.

2. A garter snake is prolific: It can give birth to 85 babies.

3. Cats knead (or press) their paws when they are content.

4. Iguanas can hold their breath for up to a half-hour.

5. Rabbits bite or dig at your feet when they want your attention or when they want you to move out of their way.

6. Dog urine is dangerous: It’s been known to corrode metals.

7. Ferrets like chasing games.

8. A goldfish can live a long life: Up to 40 years.

9. Guinea pigs toss their heads up in the air when they are annoyed at being petted.

10. An adult cat is Olympic-worthy: It can run up to 12 miles per hour and sprint at about 30 miles per hour.

Sources: Internet sites

3-day art event this weekend in West Palm Beach’s new ‘cultural corridor’

photo box gallery
Rolando Chang Barrero has opened The Box Gallery on Belvedere Road, marketing the thoroughfare as “West Palm Beach’s Cultural Corridor.” (Allen Eyestone/The Palm Beach Post)

Rolando Chang Barrero  has opened The Box Gallery as proof of his commitment to what could be Palm Beach County’s newest arts district.

The gallery is Barrero’s third, joining one at the Boynton Beach Arts District and his RCB Fine Arts Gallery in downtown Lake Worth.

Large and gleaming white, the new gallery will house the kind of cutting edge exhibitions that usually go to Miami, says Barrero, while providing space for video and performance art.

The Box Gallery has a three-day grand opening planned this weekend, which features about 30 artists from all over the world who now live in Florida.

Schedule of events:

Friday: 7- 11 p.m.:  The opening of an All Florida exhibition, featuring artists who live in the Sunshine State. The exhibit runs through June 26.

Saturday:  6 – 11 p.m.:  Projections and Performances, with video, performance art and live music.

Sunday: 3 – 5 p.m.  State of the Arts:  a casual conversation among curators, artists and arts administrators.

If you go: The Box Gallery, 811 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach

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Palm Beach County: 5 invasive species invading our county!

Nile monitors, native to the Nile Delta in Africa, can reach 5-foot and 15 pounds. The semi-aquatic lizards are meat-eaters with a fierce some bite.

Nile monitors, native to the Nile Delta in Africa, can reach 5-foot and 15 pounds. The semi-aquatic meat-eaters with a fearsome bite are known to breed in the canal along Southern Boulevard. (FWC)

Iguanas are tearing up our gardens while Nile monitor lizards are breeding in the C-51 Palm Beach Canal along Southern Boulevard.

Invasive exotic species abound in South Florida and Palm Beach County has its share.

The Burmese pythons breeding in the Everglades haven’t migrated this far north, but wildlife officials are concerned about the spread of tegus,  a large black-and-white lizard found in substantial numbers west of Miami and spotted a few times in Palm Beach County.

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What Santaluces High graduate stars in new ‘X-Men’ movie?

photo oscar isaac
Actor Oscar Isaac. Alberto Martinez/American-Statesman

That would be 1997 alum Oscar Isaac, who plays the villain in the new “X-Men: Apocalypse,” which opens Friday.

Oscar Isaac at X-Men premiere. (Getty Images)
Oscar Isaac at X-Men premiere. (Getty Images)

Isaac is becoming one of Hollywood’s big names. He played Poe Dameron in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (and he’s signed up for the sequels, too), as well as showing off his acting chops in films such as the Coen Bros. “Inside Llewyn Davis” and Alex Garland’s sci-fi tale, “Ex Machina.”


And, oh yeah, he’s on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine this week, with the headline: From ‘Star Wars’ hero to ‘X-Men’ heavy.

Isaac as "Apocalypse" in the new X-Men movie.
Isaac as “Apocalypse” in the new X-Men movie.

In the article, he doesn’t talk much about how he came to attend the school in suburban Lantana. He lived in Miami until his parents divorced and Hurricane Andrew destroyed their house, forcing him to move up here for his senior year.

But he does give one clue to what he was doing during his high school days:

Playing in a ska band, or as Rolling Stone’s Brian Hiatt puts it, “a promising, if already deeply out-of-fashion, Florida ska-punk band.” That musical background helped him play the ’60s folk singer in the Coen Bros. movie.

Other tidbits about his Florida upbringing from the article:

*He was “straight-edge” in high school, staying away from drugs and alcohol.

*His role as the bad, blue mutant Apocalypse was not a stretch: In his Florida school days, he was a collector of ‘X-Men’ comics and with a friend took part in a Marvel role-playing game.

*Isaac, whose real last name is Hernandez, is Guatemalan-born, with a Cuban father. But he didn’t want to be defined by his ethnicity, he told the magazine: “They define you — ‘Latino actor, we’ll just bring him in for Spanish commercials.’ I’m interested in telling stories about the human experience that are not necessarily just about my personal circumstances.”

Prince Harry “really fun to be around,” says polo star Nacho Figueras

Polo prince Nacho Figueras and Harry, Prince of Wales, wave to the crowd before a charity polo match to benefit Sentabale, the Prince's African children's charity.(Post photo/Allen Eyestone)
Polo prince Nacho Figueras and Harry, Prince of Wales, wave to the crowd before a May 4 Wellington charity polo match to benefit Sentabale, the Prince’s African children’s charity.(Post photo/Allen Eyestone)

Is this a polo “bromance”?

Leading up to Wednesday’s charity polo match in Wellington, the Prince of England and the Prince of Polo engaged in a week of texting banter about whose team would take home the trophy from the Prince’s Sentabale Royal Salute Polo Cup, said Nacho Figueras, Argentinean polo god and Ralph Lauren model.

Figueras, a Sentabale Ambassador for the Prince’s African children’s charity, paused to speak to the media before the match, which was held May 4 under rain-swollen skies on a sodden private polo field south of Lake Worth Rd.

“He’s really fun,” said Figueras of his royal pal. “We’ve been joking about who’s going to win.  He’s really fun to be around.”

Nacho, who has four children, said he strongly supports Sentabale’s mission of helping children living with HIV and AIDS. He and Prince Harry, who’s on the cover of new People talking about how his life mission is to “make my mother incredibly proud,” visited the the charity’s operation together in the southern African country of Lesotho.

“It’s important to get over the stigma of HIV,” Figueras, 39, said, “and to get behind these kids.  They’re the future of Africa.”

A casually-dressed Harry, wearing a scruffy red beard, showed up a few minutes later escorting Figueras’ wife, photographer Delfina Blaquier.

“Welcome to the Sunshine State,” the ginger-haired Prince, 31,  said, laughing, indicating the gray skies overhead.

Prince Harry and Delfina Blaquier, wife of polo player Nacho Figueras, arrive at the private Valiente Polo Farm in Wellington May 4. (Post photo/Allen Eyestone)
Prince Harry and Delfina Blaquier, wife of polo player Nacho Figueras, arrive at the private Valiente Polo Farm in Wellington May 4. (Post photo/Allen Eyestone)

The Prince, fifth in line to the English throne, seemed to have some royal power over the weather.

As soon as he arrived at the Valiente Polo Farm, where the event was held,  the afternoon torrent trickled to a drizzle, then stopped for the duration of the match. It started up again at the end of the games, as trophies were awarded.

After the Prince’s Sentabale team won the trophy against Figueras’ Royal Salute squad, it was obvious the two men are good friends.

With some good-natured trash talk on the trophy stand, Figueras swiped the gold horse-and-rider out of the Prince’s hands, who grabbed it back.

Nacho Figueras tries to swipe the winner's trophy from Prince Harry. (Post photo/Rich Graulich)
Nacho Figueras tries to swipe the winner’s trophy from Prince Harry. (Post photo/Rich Graulich)


Prince Harry and Nacho Figueras shake hands after a polo match as Figueras' wife, Delfina Blanquier, looks on. (Post photo/Rich Graulich)
Prince Harry and Nacho Figueras shake hands after a polo match as Figueras’ wife, Delfina Blanquier, looks on. (Post photo/Rich Graulich)

A Sentabale spokeswoman said the Prince’s charity hoped to raise more than a million dollars from the match, which will go toward sending 1,500 children to the Mamohato Children’s Center, where they are educated about the virus in hopes of ending Africa’s AIDS epidemic.

Speaking to donors afterward, Prince Harry said later this year Sentabale expects to expand its work into Botswana.










Which Florida beaches made Southern Living’s best beaches list?


Southern Living magazine combed 2,000 miles of coastline to find the Best Beaches in the South.

None in Palm Beach County made the list but six spots along the Florida coast did, including Bahia Honda State Park in the Keys, Caladesi Island north of Clearwater on the Gulf of Mexico, Naples, Shell Island near Panama City in the Panhandle, South Walton Beach and St. Augustine.

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20 best concerts at Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre

Kid Rock, 2015
Kid Rock, 2015

April 26 marks the 20th anniversary of Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre, or if we’re getting technical about it:

The Coral Sky-Mars Music-Sound Advice-Cruzan-Coral Sky again-Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre.


And here are some that didn’t make the cut:

Velvet Revolver, 2007
Velvet Revolver, 2007
Rush, 2007
Rush, 2007
Lee Ann Womack, 2007
Lee Ann Womack, 2007
Paul Simon, 1997
Paul Simon, 1997
Foo Fighters, 2000
Foo Fighters, 2000
Santana, 2000
Santana, 2000

RIP, Prince: Remembering his glorious 2004 South Florida concert

From Larry Aydlette: This is the review former Palm Beach Post writer Charles Passy did of Prince‘s April 25, 2004 concert at the now B B & T Center in Sunrise. It was a joyous evening that ended with a stream of purple confetti falling from the rafters as Prince wailed on his guitar in that way only the the greatest can do. For years, I had my piece of purple relic hanging on my office wall. I wish I still did. RIP, Prince. 

Photos, remembrances, coverage: Prince dead at 57

    What a difference a decade makes.
When Prince played South Florida sometime in the mid-’90s, he was an artist searching for an identity. It wasn’t just that he had temporarily changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol. It’s that his performance was little more than an evening of unchecked egotism packaged with a few funky songs.
The Prince who played the Office Depot Center Sunday night still had no shortage of swagger, but this time, his personality was fully wedded with his music, a joyous mix of R&B, rock, pop, soul and just about anything he could pull out of his hat – in this case, a red fedora – including snippets of Elvis and Outkast. The result was a heady evening, equal parts concert, worship service and dance party.
Yes, Prince is back. And he’s rediscovered his inner, well, Prince.
Indeed, the first 50 minutes of the near sold-out concert were about the most combustible bit of music-making this reviewer has ever heard, next to a Springsteen show. Prince opened with the lively title cut of his new album, Musicology, but it became immediately apparent that he wasn’t interested in delivering the songs, so much as delivering an improvisational experience.
Dressed in a sharply cut white suit, Prince worked with his band – the aptly titled New Power Generation – so that grooves became virtual rhythm fests. At times, he sang; at other times, he played electric guitar. But oddly enough, he was at his most powerful when he simply occupied the stage, moving his diminutive self to the kinetic pulse of the music. For Prince, the beat will set you free.
And so it continued as he played some of his older, familiar material, including a version of Let’s Go Crazy that had the makings of a wicked global jam. In nearly ever song, an always smiling Prince shared the spotlight withy a member of his group: Saxophonist Candy Dulfer was a special standout, but there wasn’t a bad apple in this bunch.
Then, as the show reached its fever pitch, Prince went the “unplugged” route, brandishing an acoustic guitar and singing – often in a marvelous, unadorned falsetto – revealing versions of songs better known in beefed-up renditions. Little Red Corvette, in particular, took on the crushing texture of a confessional folk tune.
Before the night was over, Prince was back in his full-glory mode. But these days, full glory is fully merited. At one point, Prince teased the ecstatic crowd about being “high on life.” But the stimulant in this case was Prince himself.

Florida’s best waterfront bar? It’s here in Palm Beach County

Guanabana's in Jupiter has earned another top honor. (Post file photo)
Guanabanas in Jupiter has earned another top honor.
(Post file photo)

It comes as no surprise to us locals but it’s still nice to be validated.

Guanabanas, Jupiter’s wildly-popular bar and restaurant tucked into a tropical rain forest, has been named Florida’s top waterfront bar by a website called Onlyinyourstate.com.

One of Guanabanas thatched roofs was built around existing trees. (Post file photo)

Citing Guanabanas lush landscaping, laid-back attitude, seafood-centric menu and live music, the website says the tiki-themed outdoor restaurant is “a taste of paradise.”

But we already knew that.

As our tourist season winds down, it’s also far easier to get a table this time of year.

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