What Santaluces High graduate stars in new ‘X-Men’ movie?

photo oscar isaac
Actor Oscar Isaac. Alberto Martinez/American-Statesman

That would be 1997 alum Oscar Isaac, who plays the villain in the new “X-Men: Apocalypse,” which opens Friday.

Oscar Isaac at X-Men premiere. (Getty Images)
Oscar Isaac at X-Men premiere. (Getty Images)

Isaac is becoming one of Hollywood’s big names. He played Poe Dameron in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (and he’s signed up for the sequels, too), as well as showing off his acting chops in films such as the Coen Bros. “Inside Llewyn Davis” and Alex Garland’s sci-fi tale, “Ex Machina.”


And, oh yeah, he’s on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine this week, with the headline: From ‘Star Wars’ hero to ‘X-Men’ heavy.

Isaac as "Apocalypse" in the new X-Men movie.
Isaac as “Apocalypse” in the new X-Men movie.

In the article, he doesn’t talk much about how he came to attend the school in suburban Lantana. He lived in Miami until his parents divorced and Hurricane Andrew destroyed their house, forcing him to move up here for his senior year.

But he does give one clue to what he was doing during his high school days:

Playing in a ska band, or as Rolling Stone’s Brian Hiatt puts it, “a promising, if already deeply out-of-fashion, Florida ska-punk band.” That musical background helped him play the ’60s folk singer in the Coen Bros. movie.

Other tidbits about his Florida upbringing from the article:

*He was “straight-edge” in high school, staying away from drugs and alcohol.

*His role as the bad, blue mutant Apocalypse was not a stretch: In his Florida school days, he was a collector of ‘X-Men’ comics and with a friend took part in a Marvel role-playing game.

*Isaac, whose real last name is Hernandez, is Guatemalan-born, with a Cuban father. But he didn’t want to be defined by his ethnicity, he told the magazine: “They define you — ‘Latino actor, we’ll just bring him in for Spanish commercials.’ I’m interested in telling stories about the human experience that are not necessarily just about my personal circumstances.”