Happy Halloween! Photos of Moonfest madness, Clematis by Fright

Happy Halloween you ghouls and goblins! Did you get out and party this weekend? Festivities around West Palm Beach started with Clematis by Fright on Thursday and ended with Moonfest on Saturday. And we’ve got proof there were freaks out at night!

Families and freaks flocked to Clematis by Fright

Families join in the fun at Clematis by Fright in downtown West Palm Beach Thursday.
Families join in the fun at Clematis by Fright in downtown West Palm Beach Thursday.

Pets gotta get dressed up too!


One of the new haunted trails at Clematis by Fright!


This family is representin’!


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Moonfest Madness!

Viviana Alvarez dressed as ‘queen of the souls’ from “The Book of Life” movie!



Brian Green transforms into a ghost!


Oh yes! A parade of ghouls!


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Moonfest 2016: Top 10 tips on dressing up for this crazy event

Thousands of people will be at Moonfest on Clematis street, in downtown West Palm Beach, from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday night. Maybe as many as 30,000 if we’re talking the number of bodies the organizers expect the event to attract.

Even though this is a grown folks night out (21+), every year there are costume fails—no matter the age. Here are the dos and don’ts of dressing up for Palm Beach County’s biggest Halloween extravaganza.

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DON’T wear one of these. This is what will happen.

DO wear comfortable shoes.

Did we mention that this event will stretch from the 100 block to the 500 block of Clematis Street?

DO avoid nip slips.

There’s a such thing as fashion tape. Worth it.

DO leave your sharp prop at home.

Security may not let you in.

DO think about where you will put all of your dough.

DON’T do drugs.

Overheating happens. Dehydration is real.

DON’T waste your time putting together a religiously or politically offensive costume.

People will be drunk. They will try to beat you up.

DO use this as an opportunity to wear what you wear around your house when no ones around.

DO have fun with your costumes. Get creative!


The Deets: 

What: Moonfest2016

Where: 500-100 blocks, Clematis St. West Palm Beach

When: October 29th from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

How Much?: Pay $15 for a general admission ticket or $100 for VIP status here.

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