West Palm Beach author’s book set to hit big screen with Jason Statham

Photo by Bill Ingram/Palm Beach Post
Photo by Bill Ingram/Palm Beach Post

Don’t go in the water because a 7-foot, fifty-ton prehistoric Great White Shark could be roaming below. It may not be our problem now, but it will be the problem of “Transporter” and “Spy” star Jason Statham, who will face the creature in an adaptation of local author Steve Alten’s book series, “MEG.”

Warner Bros. announced this week that Alten’s series would be optioned into a movie starring Statham and “X-Men: Days of Future Past” star Fan Bingbing with “National Treasure” director Jon Turtletaub helming the project. The movie, also called “MEG,” will be distributed by Warner Bros. domestically and internationally with Gravity taking over in China.

Alten’s first book was re-released under the new title, “MEG: Origins.” “I had written Origins a few years ago but it was only 80 pages, too short to print. Knowing the movie announcement was coming, I decided to release a new version of MEG with the prequel. But when I combined the two novels, the writing didn’t mesh, the prequel having been written by a far more seasoned writer,” he said in a release.

“So instead of simply adding the prequel, I ended up spending four months doing something I had been wanting to do for a long time – rewriting the entire novel, adding new scenes and developing the characters.  I also added artwork commissioned over the last twenty years, along with an eye-popping surfer cover taken straight out of pages of the book. The result is an entirely different reading experience.”

The film is set to begin production soon in New Zealand. For more information on the series, visit Alten’s website.

West Palm Beach “Oh, Dear Drea” blogger has obtained a national following

photo andrea ducios
Andrea “Drea” Duclos holds a chicken outside of her home in West Palm Beach. She has written a newly published vegan cookbook, “The Plantiful Table.” (Richard Graulich / The Palm Beach Post)

We visit with lifestyle blogger Andrea “Drea” Duclos of the popular “Oh, Dear Drea” at her West Palm Beach home. She has written a newly published cookbook, “The Plantiful Table,” inspired by her vegan diet.

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