Donald Trump: Celebrities with Trump at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach

photo donald trump
Model Kelly Hyler grabs Donald Trump after he tossed her in the swimming pool at a party at his Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach. Hyler wanted to put him in the pool, but his bodyguards intervened, January 30, 1993. (Lannis Waters/The Palm Beach Post)

Through the years, many celebrities have appeared at Donald Trump’s Palm Beach palace, Mar-A-Lago, for parties and charity benefits.

Sometimes, they even pose for a picture with The Donald. Photographers for The Palm Beach Post and the Palm Beach Daily News have been there to snap the action over the years.

photo donald trump
Lionel Richie and Donald Trump.
photo donald trump
Alumns from NBC’s ‘The Voice’ with Donald Trump at Mar-A-Lago, second from left, are Will Champlin, Sisaundra Lewis and Matthew Schuler. (Photo by CAPEHART)

Here are more photos of Donald Trump through the years:

Donald Trump in Palm Beach

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